World Oral Health Day 2020

Dr. Sneedha Mainali, Pediatric Dentist, explains how.

  • Mouth contains more germs than any other human organ. Keeping mouth clean is the only way to help prevent many diseases to the body.

  • When we are born, our mouth is sterile. Its our faulty parenting habits (knowingly or unknowingly), that allows the germs to inhabit the mouth.

  • Brushing twice a day in the right way with the right dentrifices is ideal, but if you are lazy and do it only once, at least practice it before going to bed. The tooth bugs get more favorable environment in the night than daytime to play with your mouth health.

  • Brush, floss, rinse and what all? Remember, the basic idea is not to leave any food particle for the germs to feed on. Post feeding, germs produce acids, much in the same way as humans excrete waste from the body, which rots the tooth. When they don’t get food, they can’t survive. Just starve them.

  • The first visit to a dentist should be at around 6 months of age when the first tooth erupts or within the first birthday, whichever is earlier. This allows your dentist to give you anticipatory guidance for each phase of the childhood and the adult into which the child grows.

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