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The Living Room at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a concept restaurant designed in an immaculate hotel space with clever touches to emulate the feel and vibe of a living room and an open kitchen. The ambience of “The Living Room” largely draws from the personality of the youth and trendy. The relaxed interior blends well with the upbeat environment making it a perfect place for lounging around or having a business meeting, whereas the laid-back outdoor seating arrangement with the views of the pool and gardens offers an exclusive setting for small get together or intimate occasions. 

The focus of the food is very trendy, youthful, and healthy. Executive Chef Debarya Chakraborty, who has had experience of working across multiple countries like Japan, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Malaysia and Trinidad & Tobago, has ingeniously crafted the menu through a modern lens of healthy eating and innovation – imagine dousing a panipuri in aila or a traditional Newari व: topped with crab meat, or a slider with chicken filling steeped in pumpkin, beetroot, or charcoal sauce. The portions are designed to act as conversation starters – they do not overpower the taste buds or the stomach. A lot of superfoods such as quinoa and leafy greens dominate but do not take away the fun, light spirit. Mohini Shrestha, Marketing Communications Manager at Hyatt is upbeat about the prospects that The Living Room offers to the upwardly mobile, young professionals that are conscious, and look for a place to unwind. “The Hyatt experience is professional yet relaxed, the space is designed to give the feel of a living room in a house, and is perfect for an evening of laughter and fun”, she says. The bar that prides itself on locally-inspired cocktails besides international offerings adds a touch of cozy glamour.  The purpose of The Living Room is to provide a laid-back atmosphere for various times of the day, where guests can have the luxury of being themselves and truly taste the trend.

Niladri Parial

Niladri Parial

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